Collective Impact for Conferences


Wednesday, July 26, 3-5 p.m.

Conference Call

OBJECTIVE: Create a collective impact model among outdoor recreation, cultural relevancy, land management and conservation-related events that enables them to reach their constituents with a shared vision, common outcome areas and metrics with which to measure progress. 

The Premise: The coalition of stakeholders working to protect our public lands has the potential to become a movement. Youth engagement proponents, outdoor recreationists, land managers and conservation advocates realize their greatest opportunities for effectiveness when they address issues of common concern with a unified voice. Working together to achieve shared objectives, their ability to champion our public lands in a time of unprecedented threat is extraordinary.

The Problem: The greatest threat to the movement’s success is its fragmentation. Compartmentalization of work, replication of effort, lack of communication between principals and conflict between natural allies are just a few of the challenges that conspire against a united whole.

This problem extends to events. Numerous conferences, festivals and gatherings around America focus on outdoor rec, land management, cultural relevancy and/or conservation. Typically, their interaction is minimal. Duplication of content, competition for sponsors, speakers and audiences and conflicting dates are just a few of the issues that result.

The Solution: We will hold a conference call on July 26 from 3-5 p.m. MST to explore development of an alliance of conferences, festivals and events that can use a shared vision for our public lands that they can work toward collectively.

Background: Upon the conclusion of The 2016 SHIFT Summit, a small working group of representatives from related conferences convened to discuss the creation of a collective impact model that would allow stakeholders to identify common outcome areas and metrics with which to measure progress.

Participants agreed to begin with an asset map of conference dates and objectives. That map may be found here.

Further work remains to be done. This conference call represents the next step in the advancement of a stronger, more equitable, more unified public lands movement, with an alliance of related events promulgating a shared vision for America’s natural resources, as well as the vehicles with which to achieve it.

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