Activation: Natural Allies

Health care professionals need help in the effort to promote large-scale adoption of the health benefits of time outside. This is where stakeholder communities come in—and there’re plenty of reasons for them to do so.  Innovative land managers have long recognized the value of focusing on public lands as resources for public health. For the conservation community, the prescription of time outside in nature presents the opportunity to create a new generation of supporters and advocates, while the incentive for the outdoor industry to plug into the Outside Rx movement transcends the economic impact of new customers to align with their core values. This panel features representatives of various stakeholder communities in a conversation about the opportunities to work with organic allies to advance the effort.

Moderator: Jason Urroz, Director, Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation (2018 SHIFT Award Official Selection)


  • Kevin Heiner, Associate Director, Southwest Conservation Corps // Founder, Veterans Fire Corps (2018 SHIFT Award Official Selection)
  • Charles “Swanny” Evans, R3 Coordinator, Georgia Wildlife Federation (2018 Emerging Leader)
  • Mona Koh, Community Relations Manager, East Bay Regional Park District (2018 SHIFT Award Official Selection)
  • Sarah Knapp, Founder, Outdoor Fest (2018 Emerging Leader)
  • Betty Michalewicz-Kragh, Surf Therapy Program Manager, Naval Medical Center San Diego

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