Happy Hour: The Modern-Day Activist

As populations grow and more people engage in pursuits outside, responsible recreation – one that fosters and is informed by a conservation ethic while promoting diverse, inclusive and next-generation engagement – is essential for the future protection and use of our lands and waters. How can we elevate responsible recreation as a behavioral norm in the human-powered outdoor rec community, connect all people to the outdoors, and engage them in the decision-making processes that affect the places in which we play?

This panel discussion features 2018 SHIFT Awards Official Selections recipients and local athletes in a conversation about being a responsible athlete in an increasingly fragile world.

Moderator: TBD


  • Meg Haywood Sullivan, photographer and environmentalist  (2018 SHIFT Award Official Selection)
  • Vasu Sojitra, Program Director, Eagle Mount Bozeman // Admin, Earthtone Outsideᴹᵀ // Athlete, The North Face (2018 SHIFT Award Official Selection) (2018 Emerging Leader)
  • Marshall Masayesva, Founder, Adventures for Hopi (2018 SHIFT Award Official Selection(2017 Emerging Leader)
  • Scott Nydam, Board Member, Navajo YES (2018 SHIFT Award Official Selection)
  • Ryan Burke, Licensed Professional Counselor, Curran-Seeley Foundation
  • Julia Heemstra, Director, Wellness Department, St. Johns Medical Center

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