Researchers’ Meeting

In 2017, Frumkin et al proposed an influential research agenda on nature contact and health, identifying principal domains of research and key questions that, if answered, would provide the basis for evidence-based public health interventions.

The authors concluded that although significant evidence regarding nature contact and its range of human health benefits was already available, much remains unknown. They furthermore proposed that a robust research effort, guided by a focus on key unanswered questions, has the potential to yield high-impact, consequential public health insights.

Presented by REI, this special meeting will explore progress to date on the 2017 research agenda, including gaps and how and with whom to fill them. The meeting will be facilitated by Josh Lawler, Co-Director of The University of Washington’s Center for Creative Conservation, and Marc Berejka, Director of Community and Government Affairs with REI. As the meeting will occur at the end of SHIFT, it will be informed by its proceedings, as well as by best practices that have been highlighted at the event.


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