Walk with a Doc with Dr. David Sabgir

Walking has been recognized by the Surgeon General of the United States of America as one of the single most important things we can do for our health. In 2005, frustrated with his inability to affect behavior change in the clinical setting, Dr. David Sabgir, a cardiologist in Columbus, Ohio, invited his patients to go for a walk with him in a local park on a Saturday morning. To his surprise, more than 100 people showed up. Today, there are more than 400 chapters of Walk with a Doc worldwide.

Walk with a Doc’s model is based on sustainability and simplicity. In this special session of Walk with a Doc, join Dr. Sabgir and other participating physician nature champions on a walk from Snow King into town.

Walk with a Doc will segue into Dine with a Doc as participants grab dinner at Pinky G’s, a fun pizza joint immediately downstairs from The Rose/Pink Garter Theater.

From there, the conversation will become Drink with a Doc as it moves upstairs to The Rose, where the dialogue will continue until The Pointy End of the Spear film program begins at 7. 

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