Nadia I. Mercado

I am a 26-year-old cardiac nurse, Afro-Latina, skydiving enthusiast and outdoor aficionada from South Florida. Two years ago I had a life changing experience as I made my first hike in Arches National Park, Utah. I had never seen mountains in person nor had any clue what hiking boots were. Yet I was overwhelmingly filled with awe and I surprisingly felt quite at home in the mountains. Since then I have found peace and joy being outdoors, whether it’s dancing in the clouds or climbing the face of giant cliff.  My passion for social justice has brought me to experience my hobbies not just as a participant but also an advocate for people who do not have access to do all the wonderful things I get to do. This is why I write for Melanin Basecamp and serve as community service chair for Team Blackstar Skydivers.

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