Patrice D’Enbeau

Ten years ago, my life was a series of burnt bridges and regrettable decisions that allowed me to begin my journey to recovery in the middle of Southern Utah with nothing but a pack and my thoughts. I fell in love with the back country the second I opened my eyes. I found comfort in the solitude of the outdoors and peace in the community of fellow hikers. It was just what I needed to begin the process of repairing all the damage my addictions had caused. I found the physical and mental work that came with long-distance hiking was one of the most important things in my recovery. Since then I have been able to maintain long-time recovery and my love for the outdoors through The Phoenix. I feel honored to have the opportunity to work with a company I so passionately believe in. Having the opportunity to share not only my love for the outdoors but my experience in recovery with others makes me feel like one of the lucky ones.

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