Pınar Ateş Sinopoulos-Lloyd

Pınar is the founder of Queer Nature, a queer-run nature education and ancestral skills program serving the LGBTQ2+ community. They recognize that many people, including LGBTQ2+ people, have for various reasons not had easy cultural access to outdoors pursuits, especially ‘survival skills’ like bushcraft and tactical skills. Their program envisions and implements ecological literacy and wilderness self-reliance skills as vital and often overlooked parts of the healing and wholing of populations who have been silenced, marginalized, and even represented as “unnatural.” Their curriculums necessarily go beyond recreation in nature to deep and creative engagement with the natural world to build inter-species alliances and an enduring sense of belonging. This hands-on type of relationship building both serves to promote environmental stewardship and also nourishes and resources the human souls who have been made to feel that they do not belong. They also utilize traditional skill-building and naturalist knowledge to rekindle and revitalize our connection to all of our ancestors, as well as the ancestors of the land we are occupying. In that vein, they strive to understand further how this work can support indigenous communities in Turtle Island who continue to be harmed by processes of colonization.

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