The SHIFT Summit

Set at the forefront of this year’s SHIFT is The SHIFT Summit, an in-depth exploration of public health as an ecosystem service.

The SHIFT Summit will be held at the Snow King Resort Hotel October 17-18.

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The Summit includes keynotes, panel discussions, breakout groups, and networking opportunities built around The 2018 Festival’s main theme, “Public Lands, Public Health.”

The Summit is informed by the Center for Disease Control’s determinants of population health.

The Summit features two tracks:

  • Communication: How do we communicate the evidence behind the health benefits of time outside to the health-care community, the policy makers and the public at large? This “top-down” track will showcase ways we can disseminate the research, data and information critical to the success of the Outside Rx movement.
  • Activation: The health care community needs support from other sectors if it is to succeed in making Outside Rx the next big medical revelation. This “bottom-up” track highlights best practices from around the country that are connecting Americans to time outside in impactful, innovative and replicable ways, with a particular focus on the civic planners, community-based organizations and natural allies in outdoor recreation, conservation and land management who are successfully connecting people with nature via their programs and initiatives

Both tracks will be developed around two elements integral to our goal of facilitating networking and the showcasing of best practices:

  • Official Selections for The SHIFT Awards, which feature representatives of the work determined to be the most innovative, impactful and replicable in the space by our researchers
  • The Emerging Leaders Program, which prepares exemplary early career leaders in the field to help facilitate the Festival proceedings.

The growing disconnect from nature not only adds billions of dollars to health care costs; it simultaneously undermines the value of nature and our public lands in society at large. At a time when the average American child spends seven hours per day in front of screens and seven minutes in unstructured play outside, and diseases such as obesity, diabetes and mental anxiety are chronic, this year’s Summit makes the critical connection between outdoor recreation and public health.

For more information on the 2018 program, click here.



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