2019 Emerging Leaders Program Applications Now Open

Photo used with permission from @lemarci

The Center for Jackson Hole announced today that applications for the 2019 Emerging Leaders Program are now open.

Applications can be made here.

The application will take about 30 minutes to complete and you may come back to it at any time. Please use the same device to access the application each time to ensure your work is saved.

The Emerging Leader Program is an initiative of The Center for Jackson Hole, a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to use outdoor recreation to strengthen the coalition of interests dedicated to the protection of the natural world.

We achieve this mission via two main programs: SHIFT (Shaping How we Invest For Tomorrow), an annual festival, held each autumn in Jackson Hole, that explores issues at the intersection of outdoor recreation, conservation, public health and cultural relevancy; and The Emerging Leaders Program, which prepares a diverse group of outdoor recreationists, ages 21-30, to help engage in discussions critical to the protection of public lands.

We are excited to invite early career leaders who have distinguished themselves in outdoor recreation, conservation, land management, cultural relevancy and public health to apply for The 2019 Emerging Leaders Program.

At each Emerging Leaders Program, participants will receive:

  • Familiarization with subject matter to be explored at The 2019 SHIFT Festival
  • Instruction on how to engage in discussions critical to the protection of public lands at SHIFT and beyond
  • The opportunity to hold key positions of leadership during SHIFT
  • Tools and skills to apply the SHIFT stakeholder model to issues relevant to their communities

Tactics to achieve these objectives include:

  • Training in the art of public engagement and personal narrative
  • Development of skills that allow participants to work across differences in race, culture, identities and ideologies
  • Exploration of the dominant narratives that define the outdoor recreation landscape, and the ways they can be reshaped to create a more inclusive environment

The deadline for ELP nominations is May 31, 2019 at midnight, Pacific Time

More information about the Emerging Leaders Program may be found by contacting the Program’s Director, Dr. Morgan Green, at drmorgan@shiftjh.org.

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