Trust: The Secret Sauce

Multisectoral collaborations that allow us to advance initiatives we wouldn’t be able to execute on our own require the engagement of different stakeholder communities. This requires earning our partners’ trust—of our intentions in particular.

This workshop will showcase the opportunities we can create when we listen to a community’s needs before we try to incorporate them into our planning. By sharing insights from initiatives that are successfully meeting people where they’re at—on their terms rather than our own—we will develop strategies, engagement mechanisms and best practices for successful collaborations.

Moderator: Tiana Wilson-Blindman, Master of Environmental Management Candidate, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (2019 Emerging Leaders Program participant)


  • Tyler Grigsby, Program Facilitator, One Common Unity (2019 Emerging Leaders Program participant)
  • Juan Lazo Bautista, Outreach and Program Coordinator, Environmental Leadership Program (2019 Emerging Leaders Program participant)
  • Jennifer Evans, Deputy Director, Families in Nature (2019 SHIFT Award Official Selection)
  • Ryan Dotson, Program Manager, Business Development and Partnerships, King County Parks (2019 SHIFT Award Official Selection)

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