Albi Sole

Albi Sole’s childhood was spent in a kind of paradise running wild in nature in a rural English village. Grades 7-13 took him to the all-boys school where ‘Lord of the Flies’ author, William Golding, taught English, and was inspired to write his savage critique of bullying and the path to tribalism. These sharply contrasting experiences shaped his love of nature, and dislike of elitism. Emigrating to Canada in 1977, Albi became a noted ice climber, mountaineer, and a UIAGM certified mountain guide with first ascents on 4 continents, including Everest. In his middle career, Albi co-parented his 3 children and worked for the Outdoor Centre at the University of Calgary, an organization opening doors to help people become outdoor-active. In 2008 he co-founded the Outdoor Council of Canada. The OCC’s mission is nothing short of transforming Canada from an indoor and sedentary nation into an outdoor and active one where every Canadian has real access to mindful, inclusive, and purposeful outdoor education and activity.

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