Dr. Donald Shell

As the Director of Disease Prevention, Disease Management & Population Health Policy & Oversight, Dr. Donald Shell serves as an Acton Officer for population health, public health, policy and programmatic initiatives including but not limited to health promotion, disease prevention, disease management, immunizations, HIV, chronic diseases, human performance, body composition, and physical fitness, the built environment, and or nutrition. Dr. Shell collaborates with the Services, other federal agencies and stakeholders to address a broad range of policy gaps and to formulate policy or programmatic goals and objectives needed to improve Warfighter readiness, resiliency and retention through an integrated, coordinated system based approach. Dr. Shell also participates in the development and deployment of strategies and policies designed to improve the measurement, efficiency and effectiveness of DoD population health surveillance survey tools. Dr. Donald Shell graduated from the Howard University College of Medicine and completed a General Surgery internship, a residency in Community Health and Family Medicine, and fellowship training in Primary Care Sports Medicine and Adult Fitness at Marshall University. Prior to coming to the Department of Defense, Dr. Shell served as a local Public Health Officer, a state public health program director, and practiced family medicine in private, community based and hospital settings.


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