Noelle Kooyahoema Noelle Kooyahoema

Loloma! Nu Humevensi yan ma’tsiwa, pu nu Noelle Kooyahoema yan pahan ma’tsiwa. Nu Qalwunga Sipoulovi ep kii’ta. Greetings! My name is Humevensi (which means different color kernels on one ear of corn). My English name is Noelle Kooyahoema. I am Sunforhead clan from the village of Sipoulovi, located on the Hopi Reservation.”

Noelle Kooyahoema is currently the Field Coordinator for the Ancestral Lands Hopi Conservation Corps, an organization that provides opportunity to youth and young adults on the reservation, empowering individuals to positively impact their lives, their communities, and the environment.

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