Renee Drap

Renee has a diverse and successful career history spanning several industries including health, well-being, employee engagement and hospitality.

After acknowledging her own imbalanced scales of work to living life, she set out to help people and companies realize the benefits of employees that take time to care for themselves and bring the best version of themselves to all areas of their lives.

Renee’s experience includes:

  • working directly with hundreds of individuals on their specific goals as a personal coach, the acquisition of her start-up, Coaching Successes Inc,
  • business development and growth strategy for Hummingbird Coaching
  • driving long-term product, engagement, and sales strategy with Humana
  • Regional Sales for Red Brick Health
  • strategizing with clients of Limeade to building great companies’ through driving positive culture and engagement.

Renee has been recognized for creating solutions that meet both employee and company goals. Her strengths include the areas of Product Strategy, Development and Ideation, Account Management, Implementation Management, Coaching Interface, Curriculum Development, Training/Education, Client-Centric Thinking and a Well-Being focused approach. She has extensive experience in each of these areas and has managed teams to do the same, developing processes, refining methods, creating simplicity, cutting expenses, serving members and clients all the while staying focused on the intended end of helping people improve their current state.

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