2020 SHIFT Awards Frequently Asked Questions

2020 SHIFT Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Important documents to review if you haven’t already:

The 2020 SHIFT Summit, information about which may be found here, has three main objectives:

  1. Showcase “best practices,” i.e., work that is impactful, innovative and replicable. THIS IS YOU—OUR 2020 SHIFT AWARD OFFICIAL SELECTIONS.
  2. Facilitate networking among natural allies, including those who might otherwise not interact
  3. Accelerate the advancement and promotion of nature as a social determinant of health

The following FAQ addresses some of the most common questions we receive from SHIFT Award Official Selection recipients. Please let us know if you have any other questions; we’re always happy to discuss.

I’ve been selected as a SHIFT Award recipient. Did I win an award?

Yes. Your work is being honored for its impact, innovation and replicability. Your SHIFT Award is our way of recognizing your contributions to the field.

Here’s how our selection process works: 

  • To determine 2020 SHIFT Award winners, we first identified more than 200 individuals or initiatives from around North America that leveraged outdoor rec for conservation gains.
  • We then used this criteria to make further evaluations of more than 50initiatives in six categories: Non-Profit Leadership, Research, Public Land-Management Innovation, Youth Engagement and Health and Nature Champion.

What do I get for being a SHIFT Award Winner?

Each SHIFT Award winner will receive a framed certificate. 

Categorical Award winners will be announced during the 2020 SHIFT Summit. Each categorical Award winner will receive a SHIFT Award trophy.

Wherever possible, we will promote your work on our website, our social media platforms and via other media outlets in advance of SHIFT.

Representatives of SHIFT Award winning initiatives receive one complimentary All-Summit Pass to the 2020 SHIFT Summit. If you wish to invite more than one representative from your organization, additional Summit passes are available at discounted rates (2nd pass = 50% discount; 3rd pass = 25% discount). 

Tickets will be available July 21.

Importantly, we try to showcase your work at SHIFT itself via the following:

  • Inclusion on a panel as a panelist or a moderator
  • Representing your work in a workshop 
  • Representing your work in other places of distinction in the program

When will the SHIFT Award Categorical Winners be announced? 

Categorical award winners for this year’s SHIFT Awards will be announced on Thursday, October 15, as part of the virtual broadcast of this year’s SHIFT Summit. 

What formats does SHIFT use to showcase our work?

We use a combination of keynote speakers, workshops, poster sessions and panels to achieve our two main objectives (i.e., networking and the showcasing of best practices).

Of our various design elements, the panels and workshops are the primary vehicles used to highlight your work.

The panels and workshops are developed to feature our SHIFT Award winners, our Emerging Leaders and health and nature thought-leaders to explore a given topic relevant to the Festival’s main theme.

Am I guaranteed to have a featured role as a speaker or panelist?

We try to involve SHIFT Award winners in at least one of the roles described above. Sheer numbers make it impossible to do this for everyone (we try to do the same for our Emerging Leaders). That said, we will do our best.

If we are able to place you in the program, where you are integrated depends to a degree on your expertise, but also largely on the other puzzle pieces of SHIFT–the focus of a given panel, the experiences/backgrounds already represented on a panel, etc.

I’m excited about this year’s SHIFT and would love to help. How can I do so? 

We’re so glad you asked! Here are a few great ways you can help.

  • Participate. You’ve been selected because of your work, your perspective and your expertise. You’re a critical part of this year’s SHIFT, and we invite you to be an active part of it .
  • Bring other influencers. Our goal is to assemble the richest concentration of innovators, thought-leaders and influencers in the health and nature space. If you know people who are helping to move the needle, invite them. It’s going to take all of us to do it.
  • Help promote this year’s SHIFT. The more we can amplify our work, the more we raise its visibility on the national landscape. This press kit contains marketing assets you can use to help spread the word. 
  • Help us make SHIFT happen. Funding is the biggest challenge for each year’s SHIFT, as it is for many of our partners. If you know of funders–companies, organizations, foundations, individual donors–whose interests align with this year’s program, we’d love to connect. Here’s our sponsorship deck for SHIFT–feel free to share, or reach out to us directly for more information.

Who are my main contacts at SHIFT? 

We’re a small team. 

    • Arian Davis (arian@shiftjh.org) will support you with logistical questions and cross-promotional strategies. Please send any press/photos/videos that you’d like shared her way. We actively want to elevate you and your stories.
    • SHIFT Director Christian Beckwith (cb@shiftjh.org) handles the overall programming. Please contact him for any programmatic questions.

What does my All-Summit Pass cover? 

The All-Summit Pass covers all SHIFT Summit programming.

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