Highlights and Recommendations from The 2018 SHIFT Festival

Highlights and recommendations from The 2018 SHIFT Festival may be found here.

The 2018 SHIFT Festival, which took place Oct. 16-18 in Jackson Hole, convened innovators, early adopters and thought leaders from around the country who are integrating time outdoors into our health care system and our daily lives. Over three beautiful fall days, in hotels, restaurants and venues around Jackson Hole, natural allies at the forefront of the “Outside Rx” movement collaborated on an agenda that advanced a stronger connection between, and thus a stronger argument for, public health and public lands.

For the past five years, The Center for Jackson Hole has developed SHIFT into a coalition of stakeholders broad enough and strong enough to champion our public lands in a time of unprecedented threat. The addition of opinion-leading representatives from the health care, research and funding communities in 2018 created a unique and powerful expansion of our alliance that in turn enhances our ability to protect our public lands.

The proceedings of the 2018 gathering will be the foundation for this year’s SHIFT, which will take place Oct. 16-18 and focus on the health benefits of outdoor recreation.

Jackson biologist Olaus Murie used to say, “It’s going to take all of us to do it.” By combining the protection of the natural world with health, business, responsible recreation and cultural relevancy, The Center for Jackson Hole’s programs advance ideas and initiatives that are revitalizing the American conservation movement. In an increasingly partisan political landscape, these programs also represent a uniquely nonpartisan effort to protect our public lands. With your help, we look forward to continuing to develop a unified framework for the stewardship of our natural world.

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