A Disruptive Approach to Conservation with Christian Beckwith

Christian Beckwith, founder and director of SHIFT, The Emerging Leaders Program and The Center for Jackson Hole.

Earlier this year, Jody Mayberry, founder of the podcast ParkLeaders, sat down with Christian Beckwith for an interview about parks, outdoor recreation and how SHIFT and the Emerging Leaders Program are disrupting traditional conservation.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Mayberry writes, “Christian Beckwith is not a traditional conservationist. He will admit, he is a climber…. [yet he] founded and leads an organization in Jackson Hole, WY that focuses on conservation. But Christian doesn’t take a traditional approach to conservation. In fact, he is disrupting conservation. Through SHIFT, a live event, and the Emerging Leaders Program, Christian is helping change the face of conservation.”


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