Colorado Parks and Wildlife Adopts and Embraces SHIFT

Colorado’s success in attracting knowledge workers and urban millennials to the state has resulted in an influx of new residents and a corresponding increase in pressure on their public lands. As a result, they’ve been forced to search for innovative ways to respond.

This search has led two agencies, a state recreation agency and a wildlife agency, to merge into Colorado Parks and Wildlife. It has also led CPW to adopting the SHIFT Principles and creating its SHIFT-inspired Executive Summit Coalition, which last year was one of our SHIFT Award Official Selections.

Colorado is a case study in how to balance the interests in getting people outside with the impacts on the natural resources that result. As populations continue to grow around the country, these sorts of balancing acts will become more common out of necessity. Colorado has become the innovative leader in how to respond, and in so doing hightlights a path forward for the rest of the country.

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