ELP Feature 2017: Len Necefer, Founder of Natives Outdoors


Len Necefer (above) is a member of the Navajo Nation, rising star in the outdoor industry, and part of the 2017 Emerging Leaders Program.

This episode of the Take Me Outdoors podcast, a program of Verde Communications that SHIFT is supporting through the 2017 SHIFT Festival, is a journey through the vision of Len Necefer, a 2017 Emerging Leader and Founder of Natives Outdoors. Len’s not just an advocate for the outdoors, but he also holds a PhD in Engineering and Public Policy.

Sarah Ortegon, from @nativesoutdoors on Instagram

Len has been using his reach, intellect and influence to help the Navajo people and Native people all over the world via Natives Outdoors. Natives Outdoors amplifies the experiences of native users who seek to reclaim their natural heritage, and sells outdoor activewear and gear with Natives Outdoors branding. A portion of the profit from NativeOutdoors sales will be donated to outdoor focused projects taken on by tribes, Native-run organizations, and individual Native people.

In Len’s words, wearing NativesOutdoors gear is a statement that you acknowledge and support the contributions of indigenous people to public lands protection & support access to outdoor recreation opportunities for indigenous communities.

He’s creating a true, strong community and sharing the truth of Native people, while breaking down stereotypes, and giving a voice back to Natives.

DJ Rkade, from @nativesoutdoors on Instagram

The current administration threatens the longevity of our public lands and waters. Our national monuments are in danger, and the Native people are at the forefront of the public lands battle.

Take a listen to this episode of the Take Me Outdoors/SHIFT podcast–and look forward to Len’s leadership at the 2017 Emerging Leaders Program. We’re thrilled to have him on board.

To support Len and other future Emerging Leaders, consider a donation to the ELP Legacy Project, a crowdfunding campaign created by the 2016 cohort. They’re halfway to their goal!

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