Emerging Leaders Program and SHIFT Featured In Outside

Journalist Frederick Reimers participated in the 2016 SHIFT Festival, where he was introduced to the 2016 Emerging Leaders Program. In February, he attended parts of the Winter Emerging Leaders Program as well.

Read the observations in his article in Outside Magazine, “These 20-Somethings Are Out to Save Conservation’s Soul”.

From the article:

“To make itself more culturally relevant, SHIFT organizers needed new torchbearers. So they launched the Emerging Leaders program in 2016 to recruit young activists with all types of experiences and interests. The inaugural cohort of 35 leaders range in age from 19 to 31, work in many different fields, and span the country. The group includes Ciarra Greene, a Nez Perce tribe member from Oregon who has worked with the EPA and the Department of Energy, and Sawyer Connelly, a white Vermonter who is the campus outreach coordinator for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers in Montana. “Activism and workshops are second nature to a lot of us,” says Madeleine Carey, a member of the 2016 class and a WildEarth Guardians Greater Gila Guardian in New Mexico. “We aren’t new to working big issues. I didn’t wake up last November 9 and think, ‘The world is fucked.’ I’m used to that.”

“There’s plenty of work to do. “Cultural relevancy isn’t a marketing strategy,” Taylor says. “You can’t just create outreach materials with bullet points. You have to actually meet the people you want to reach, to identify what makes them different, and respond to that.”

Read more at Outside.


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