Evidence for Action Poster Session Abstracts Announced

Led by Dr. Aruni Bhatnagar, Director of The Envirome Insitute at the University of Louisville, and Dr. Terry Horton, Associate Professor of Research in the Department of Anthropology at Northwestern University, the “Evidence for Action” Steering Committee has announced the final abstracts to be included in a poster session at SHIFT that showcases basic and applied research related to nature as a social determinant of health.

The poster session will be held Thursday, October 17 at 5 p.m. at the Snow King Resort Hotel. The event is free and open to the public. It is part of SHIFT’s focus on the evidence for the health benefits of nature that includes a dinner for researchers on Thursday evening, and a researchers’ meeting the next day designed to establish a knowledge network for nature as a social determinant of health.

“The Evidence for Action poster session expands the scope and depth of information presented at SHIFT by providing investigator-initiated presentations,” says Dr. Horton.

Abstract submissions, she notes, were open to any research projects. The abstracts were reviewed prior to acceptance to ensure the quality of the research and adherence to ethical standards of research; however, no restrictions were placed on the type of projects or research topics. Thus, the presentations at the poster session reflect a wide diversity of approaches.

“This diversity reflects the nature of science and evidence,” says Dr. Horton. “Science is not a ’single thing;’ it is a process that interrogates the workings of the natural world. What constitutes ’evidence’ will differ among scientists depending on their discipline.”

“What is consistent across disciplines represented in the poster session is the goal of assessing a project objectively using analytical procedures appropriate for the question at the heart of the problem,” she says.

Dr. Horton believes the research presented at the poster session will be an invaluable addition to the proceedings at SHIFT.

“The poster session provides a wealth of data and perspectives to guide our efforts to translate basic research into programs and policy,” she says. “It also offers the opportunity to identify gaps that need to be filled to facilitate the translation of theory into practice.”

Poster session abstracts, their presenters at SHIFT and the studies’ authors are as follows.

Abstracts for the poster session were evaluated and selected by the E4A Steering Committee members:

  • Aruni Bhatnagar, PhD, Director, Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute, University of Louisville, Committee Co-Chair 
  • Richard Christiana, PhD, Assistant Professor, Health Promotion and Behavior, Appalachian State University
  • Rachel Hopman, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Northeastern University
  • Terry Horton, PhD, Associate Professor of Research, Northwestern University, Committee Co-Chair
  • Art Kramer, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Center for Cognitive & Brain Health, Northeastern University
  • Nick Otis, Research Associate, Department of Health and Behavioral Sciences, Military Population Health, Naval Health Center
  • David Strayer, PhD, Director, Applied Cognition Lab, University of Utah
  • Kristen Walter, PhD, Clinical and Research Psychologist, Health and Behavioral Sciences, Naval Health Research Center

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