Funders’ Track to Develop Network Leadership with Jane Wei-Skillern

Despite huge differences in issue area, scale, resources and formal roles, successful network leaders and their networks are remarkably similar.

On Wednesday, October 17, and Thursday, October 18, from 12–2 p.m., two invite-only working lunches will introduce funders from around the country to the principles critical to collaborative success in a track led by the social entrepreneur who identified them.

New Network Leader founder Jane Wei-Skillern has spent 18 years researching the attributes of successful network leadership, then distilled her findings into four main principles:

  • Focus On Mission Before Organization
  • Manage Through Trust, Not Control
  • Promote Others, Not Yourself
  • Build Constellations, Not Stars

During the lunches, Wei-Skillern will use case studies and dynamic interaction among participants to help improve the effectiveness of their philanthropy.

Participants will learn the principles’ practical applications vis-a-vis leadership and governance as well as how to build trust and relationships to achieve social impact.

“This special component of The 2018 SHIFT Festival is developed to help funders ensure their collaborations with non-profits are as effective and impactful as possible,” said Center for Jackson Hole board member Jess Saba, who is organizing the lunches. “Wei-Skillern’s counterintuitive approach ensures the impact of collective work is dramatically greater than the sum of the individual parts.”

Christian Beckwith, SHIFT’s Director, agrees.

“We’re excited to work with Jane and our funders at this year’s SHIFT,” he said.

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