Survey Captures Outcomes from SHIFT 2016

Did your participation in last year’s SHIFT result in outcomes that helped advance your work? If so, we want to hear about them—they’re exactly the sort of result we aim to inspire.

For example, since the last SHIFT:
The State of Colorado adopted The SHIFT Principles as a key addition to their agency’s conservation model
The Emerging Leaders reconvened to develop a framework for bringing SHIFT back into their communities via podcasts, stakeholder discussions and film interviews
Washington, DC, became the first location outside of Jackson to export the SHIFT model when it hosted a stakeholder discussion on outdoor recreation and youth engagement
These are the type of outcomes that excite us, and that we want to learn more about.
This short survey is intended to capture outcomes from past SHIFTs, and inform our efforts moving forward. If you have a story you’d like to share, please fill out the survey. We’ll use the results to help program The 2017 SHIFT Festival, which will be held in Jackson Hole November 1-3.

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