Eric Dinger, Co-Founder and CEO, Powderhook


Presenter: Eric Dinger, Co-Founder and CEO

Synopsis: Powderhook’s Digital Mentoring Program has helped thousands of hunting and fishing users get out onto their public lands more often. Powderhook acts as a localized message board, connecting users with a community of hunters and anglers who provide local expertise. Since its launch in September, Powderhook has engaged 120,000 total users and facilitated nearly 20,000 outdoors-related interactions.

To facilitate growth among users, Powderhook has additionally created the Powderhook Event Application Programming Interface (API), a first-of-its-kind, nationwide, outdoor event dataset. The site makes more than 9,000 hunting, shooting, fishing and conservation events accessible via the API. Event hosts include major NGOs such as Ducks Unlimited and National Wild Turkey Federation, state agencies, and businesses. New events are added daily via integrations with their partners, scrapers and APIs

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