Research Poster Sessions Added to SHIFT Agenda

For the first time, this year’s SHIFT Festival, which is focused on making the business case for nature as medicine, will include poster sessions that allow researchers to present the results of their research. 

Abstracts will be accepted from August 1 through August 31, 2019 and may be submitted through this portal.

Led by Dr. Aruni Bhatnagar, Director of The Envirome Insitute at the University of Louisville, and Dr. Terry Horton, Associate Professor of Research at Northwestern University, the “Evidence for Action” Steering Committee is helping SHIFT organizers build an event that is both pertinent to researchers and that showcases their contribution to the evidence base.

As one of their first initiatives, the group formed the Evidence for Action Poster Session Planning Committee (E4A).

“Linking the evidence base to the ‘problem, solution, toolkit’ structure of the ‘Business Model’ agenda is key to the movement’s success,” said Dr. Horton.

“We want to showcase the people doing the “in-depth” research. The poster sessions will provide more exposure for them and their work.”

Abstracts will be reviewed by a panel of experts to ensure they are clearly written, provide material of interest to the conference attendees, and conform to ethical standards of research. Priority will be given to abstracts that describe basic or applied research, or well-structured program evaluations. Lower importance will be given to abstracts that describe programs, but which do not contain a research or evaluation component.

The 2019 SHIFT Festival will advance the economic and practical applications of nature as a social determinant of health by developing the business case for nature,” said Christian Beckwith, the event’s Director. “The research poster sessions will expand the opportunities for researchers to present their work, which in turn will help inform the festival proceedings as well as policy and programs associated with the health benefits of engaging with nature.”

“We are grateful to the E4A committee members for their expertise and assistance, and look forward to developing a powerful, valuable SHIFT around their efforts.”

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