Breakfast Keynote: Dr. Frederick Foote

Dr. Frederick Foote, MD, CAPT, MC, USN (Ret.), is the Project Administrator of 2019 SHIFT Award Official Selection The Green Road Project, an Adjunct Assistant Professor with The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, and the Project Officer of The Epidaurus Project.

Since 2001, Dr. Foote has played a leading role in an initiative to introduce an unprecedented level of holistic care and assessment in the Military Health System. This effort, known as the Epidaurus Project, brought together civilian and military thought leaders to identity the core principles of patient-centered care and define the physical environment that would facilitate it.

In this breakfast keynote presentation, Dr. Foote will discuss how the Epidaurus principles have developed a set of scientific metrics to directly measure the whole-body effects of nature — and how the metrics are being used in The Green Road Project to evaluate nature’s healing effects.

The project team seeks to scientifically demonstrate the positive impact of encounters with nature on human health, and then use the objective evidence to advance the case for increasing community green space and making exposure to nature a therapeutic mainstay.

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