Closing Keynote

To conclude this year’s SHIFT, two Fellows of The 2020 Emerging Leaders Program, Alysa Delgado, The Parks & Natural Resources Coordinator for Three Rivers Park District/Scott County, MN, and Caroline Lindquist, a graduate student at the University of California Berkeley, will synthesize the proceedings of the previous three days. Tyler Norris, the Chief Executive of Well Being Trust, will offer a summation of the ways we can harness the incredible opportunity created by COVID-19 and the social justice movement to center nature as a mental health care delivery system nationwide. All three speakers will then join in a moderated discussion of where we take the movement from here.

Alysa Delgado serves as the Parks & Natural Resources Coordinator for Three Rivers Park District/Scott County, MN. Alysa’s love for nature began in Central Maryland where she grew up immersed in fields and forests. Her passion for the outdoors led her across the Southeastern U.S. and through Central America for her education (B.S. at UNC-Chapel Hill; M.S. at U. of Alabama) and socio-environmental research (mainly Panama and Belize). After a year at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., her current work focuses on various local interactions with park lands and natural areas management. Personally, Alysa enjoys exploring parks, trying new vegetarian recipes, and playing with her dog.

Caroline Lindquist is a graduate student pursuing her Masters in Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley. Her academic interests include restoration ecology, environmental justice, and biophilic design. A North Carolina native, Caroline previously worked for the City of Raleigh on the planning of Dorothea Dix Park, Raleigh’s emerging central park, managing the creek restoration and landfill remediation project. Her work included park tours of the site history ranging from Native American land, to plantation, to mental health hospital to illuminate the stories of marginalized people groups. In her free time, Caroline loves experiencing landscapes through hiking and climbing.

Well Being Trust is an impact philanthropy with a mission to advance the mental, social and spiritual health of the nation. Over the past three decades, Tyler has shaped health and development initiatives in hundreds of communities in the US and around the world. He has an extensive background as a social entrepreneur and trusted advisor to philanthropies, health systems, government agencies and collaborative partnerships working to improve the health of people and places. Tyler also serves as a board member and/or advisor to Naropa University; the National Academies of Science: Child Well Being Forum; CityHealth; Enterprise Community Partners and others.

Prior to becoming the first chief executive of Well Being Trust, Tyler served as vice president Total Health at Kaiser Permanente, where he led “anchor institution” work, applying all organizational assets to benefit the economic, social and environmental contributors to health. He previously served as the founding CEO of a leading health consultancy, Community Initiatives, and as founding board chair of IP3, the social enterprise that gave birth to the Community Commons, a GIS data mapping and stories platform. Earlier, he was the first director of what became the Convergence Partnership; a “head coach’ of the YMCA of the USA; and an advisor to Active Living by Design and the Public Health Institute. He helped open the Abraham Path through the heart of the Middle East, and led the Kuhiston Foundation that helped establish the national park system in Tajikistan. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Executive Program, earned a Master of Divinity degree from Naropa University, and has a bachelor’s degree in World Political Economy from Colorado College.

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