Conflict Resolution Workshop with Mickey Fearn

The Center for Jackson Hole—the 501c3 parent organization of SHIFT and The Emerging Leaders Program—envisions a diverse coalition of communities connected by outdoor recreation and conservation working together to protect our natural world.

Building a diverse coalition is difficult and complicated. We enter this work with the expectation that deeply held beliefs may be challenged—and that changing our perspectives and our minds to develop new ways of thinking may be critical to our shared success.

Center for Jackson Hole board member Mickey Fearn has been a public servant, parks, recreation, and conservation professional for over 50 years. His efforts with the National Park Service, where he served as Deputy Director for Communications and Community Assistance (2008-2013), and the City of Seattle, where he managed the creative energy of its 10,000-employee workforce, have placed him at the forefront of efforts to transform inclusionary public engagement, end racism and create equity.

In this special workshop, Mr. Fearn, in conjunction with 2019 Emerging Leaders Program participants Madison McCoy and Joe Fairbanks, will lead us through the challenges and strategies at the heart of constructive dialogue and conflict resolution.

Writes Mr. Fearn, “When all Americans understand the importance of, and their personal stake in, conservation, environmental justice and environmental stewardship, our movement will become much more relevant and powerful. When we come together as a nation to create a vision that includes the health and sustainability of all ecosystems—rural or urban, wild or populated—our collective commitment will help us dispel the belief that these are separate systems. When we ultimately realize that even though our priorities and approaches are different, and that activists engaged in conservation and environmental justice are in violent agreement with each other, we will create the comprehensive, cohesive, and effective strategies necessary to ensure all generations from this point forward stay connected with nature from birth.”

The workshop is open to the public. It is free for SHIFT All-Festival Pass holders, and $50 for other participants.

Tickets for the workshop may be purchased here.

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