SHIFT Research Poster Session

SHIFT’s second annual Research Poster Session will feature two components.

In Round One, researchers will present six oral lightning rounds from a series of new studies. Presenters will have four minutes each to present their research, followed by four minutes of Q&A from the audience.

Round One presentations and presenters are as follows:

  • Everly Jazi: Familiarity with Outdoor Recreation as an Influencer on Green Space-Wellbeing Connection
    • Affiliation: Ohio State University, School of Environment and Natural Resources
    • Co-Author: A. Dietsch
  • Courtney Schultz, PhD: Health and Nature Program Partnership Toolkit for Land Managers
    • Affiliation: Health & Technology Partners
    • Co-Author: J.N. Bocarro
  • Nadav Sprague: Examining Low-Income Youth’s Environmental Affinity and Self-Rated Physical and Emotional Health
    • Affiliation: Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, Epidemiology
    • Co-Author: Christine C. Ekenga
  • Teresa H. Horton, PhD: Jobs in the Garden (JIG): An Evaluation of the Chicago Botanic Garden Veteran Internship Program (VIP)
    • Affiliation: Department of Anthropology, Northwestern University
    • Co-Authors: M. Yang; O. Poole; A. Minasov BA; C. Murphy BS, MPH; K. Salvidio, BA; A. Green MA, NCC, HTR
  • Ashby (Leavell) Sachs: Understanding Urban Community Gardening as a Solution to Loneliness via Self-determination heory: The Approach in Montpellier, France and Denver, Colorado
    • Affiliation: University of Colorado Boulder, Environmental Studies
    • Co-Authors: J. Litt, M. Tharrey, et al.
  • Carissa Smock: Changes in Nature-Based Physical Activity and Stress Levels Before and During the Pandemic Among Park Enthusiasts: the Relationship to Socio-Economic Shifts
    • Affiliation: Northcentral University, School of Business
    • Co-Author: L. Shinder

In Round Two, participants will join six other researchers in breakout rooms to discuss their abstracts.

Round Two presentations and presenters are as follows:

  • Louise Chawla: Protecting young people’s mental health as they connect with a changing natural world
    • Affiliation: University of Colorado, Boulder, Program in Environmental Design
  • Tamberly Conway: Rooting Forest Therapy to Enhance Land, Leadership and Employee Outcomes
    • Affiliation: Conservation Conexions, LLC
    • Co-Author: E.S. Marshall
  • Susan Masino: Forests and Brain Health – Proforestation for Multiple Benefits
    • Affiliation: Trinity College, Neuroscience
    • Co-Author: C. Armistead
  • Arseniy Minasov, BA: Walking Green II. Lessons Learned from Repeated Measures Experiments of Green Exercise
    • Affiliation: Northwestern University, Department of Anthropology
    • Co-Authors: T.H. Horton and L. C. Weidner
  • Erica Timko Olson: An Innovative Research Design: A Nature-Based Intervention to Decrease Stress and Anxiety and Improve Spirituality, Resilience and Well-Being in Undergraduate Nursing Students
    • Affiliation: University of Minnesota, School of Nursing
    • Co-Author: A. Vermeesch
  • Courtney Schultz, PhD: Supporting Healthcare Providers’ Engagement with Nature-based Prescriptions
    • Affiliation: Health & Technology Partners
    • Co-Authors: J.N. Bocarro, M.F. Floyd, G. Bennett


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