Best Practices for Parks Rx

Park prescription programs are proliferating across the country. This workshop will help ensure park prescription programs are working efficiently and effectively within a framework of best practices.

A working group of Parks Rx specialists is developing the workshop:

  • Angel Santos Burres, Director, Appalachian Mountain Club’s Outdoors Rx Program
  • Richard Christiana, PhD, Assistant Professor, Health Promotion and Behavior, Appalachian State University
  • Courtney Schultz, Research Associate, Parks Rx America; Executive Director, Health & Technology Partners, LLC
  • David Sabgir, MD, Founder and CEO, Walk With A Doc
  • Jason Urroz, Director, Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation’s Kids in Parks Program

As part of their efforts, the group has developed this survey to identify gaps, needs and opportunities common to park prescription programs. We invite you to complete it.

Responses will be used to develop SHIFT’s Parks Rx workshop.

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