Military Readiness

Protecting our country requires the optimal performance of active-duty service members. This workshop examines the therapeutic effects of nature on our wounded and non-wounded active duty service members, their families and their caregivers; the ways nature contact can help reduce levels of stress, depression, and burnout; and how nature contact can support Total Force Fitness, thereby reducing the economic costs to the military healthcare system.

Moderator: Stacy Bare, Principal, Bare, LLC; Captain, US Army (2000-2007) (2017 SHIFT Award Winner—Adventure Athlete)


  • Donald Shell, MD, MA, Director, Disease Prevention, Disease Management and Population Health Policy & Oversight, OASD(HA) Health Services Policy and Oversight, Defense Health Headquarters
  • Keith Tidball, PhD, Cornell University (2019 SHIFT Awards Official Selection)
  • Dr. Frederick Foote, Project Administrator, The Green Road (2019 SHIFT Awards Official Selection)  

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