The 2020 SHIFT Summit

Held each autumn in Jackson Hole, The SHIFT Summit explores issues at the intersection of outdoor recreation, conservation and public health. Each Summit includes keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and networking opportunities built around the Summit’s main theme.

The 2020 SHIFT Summit, a 3-day gathering held Oct. 14-16 in Jackson Hole, WY, is informed by the Center for Disease Control’s determinants of population health.

Determinants of population health

The event will feature three main tracks that align with our organization’s mission:

  • Develop the Evidence Base: Aggregate, foster, support and promote the evidence base for the health benefits of time outside in a manner that incentivizes public (electeds, federal agencies, the military) and private (health care providers, payers, employers) entities to invest in nature as a health care intervention strategy. 
  • Build the Business Case: Develop sustainable revenue models for nature-rich interventions that incentivize corporate, governmental and nonprofit industries to invest in nature-rich to invest in nature as a health care intervention strategy. 
  • Create the Narrative: Develop a national narrative around the health benefits of time outside with partners from the outdoor recreation, conservation, land management, public health and education communities in order to empower all stakeholders to promote the health benefits of time outside using the same messaging, language and glossary of terms.

As defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, social determinants of health are conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play that affect a wide range of health risks and outcomes. They are increasingly recognized by health care providers, elected officials and governmental agencies as invaluable factors in overall health outcomes.

Nature as a social determinant of health is scientifically supported by leading researchers, healthcare executives, physicians, land managers and conservation advocates. This October, join us for a working conference that promotes the public health benefits of outdoor recreation with business models, methodologies and strategies.

Over the course of three days, stakeholders from complementary sectors will participate in intimate workshops and think tanks that advance the health benefits of nature in mainstream society.

Public health is the last frontier of ecosystem services. This autumn, don’t miss this singular opportunity to join the innovators, early adopters and thought leaders at the forefront of the “Nature as Medicine” movement as we use the public health benefits of nature to strengthen the argument for nature itself.

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