Nick Otis

Nick Otis is a Senior Research Associate/Project Coordinator at Leidos and a Senior Research Associate at the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego (Kumeyaay land). He is primarily interested in the impact of geography on health, such as the effect of natural environments on psychological outcomes, and the nuances of locality on nutritional outcomes. His current work with Dr. Kristen Walter focuses on environmental exercise psychology—surf-, hike-, and other activity-based therapies—for those with major depression and PTSD. Prior to his research in San Diego, Nick studied global nutrition and kinesiology and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he received the 21st Century Leaders Award under the mentorship of Dr. Lorraine Cordeiro. Most of his free time is spent deep in the Sierra Nevada (Northern Paiute, and many other tribal nations’ homeland)—or scheming how to get there.

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