ELP Fellowship Fund to Empower Emerging Leaders

Thanks to a $10,000 grant from Patagonia, we are excited to announce the launch of The 2018 Emerging Leaders Program Fellowship Fund. The Grants between $2,000 and $10,000 will be awarded to eligible project(s).

“We are excited to support projects that are creative and address issues that matter to the communities of Emerging Leaders in impactful, innovative and replicable ways,” said Grace Anderson, who will be administering the grant.

Grantees of the 2018 Emerging Leaders Fellowship Fund will have the opportunity to showcase their projects at this year’s SHIFT in Jackson Hole from October 16-18th.

Proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with The Center for Jackson Hole’s mission to leverage outdoor recreation for conservation gains, with particular emphasis on the intersection of outdoor recreation, conservation, cultural relevancy and the economy, highlighting the role outdoor recreation can play in the protection of our public lands
  • Impact, Innovation and Replicability: We are excited to support projects that are creative and address issues that matter to ELPer communities in impactful, innovative and replicable ways
  • Collaboration between new partners and audiences: We actively seek to support projects that engage non-traditional partners who share similar objectives but who have historically worked in isolation

Examples of potential projects include:

  • SHIFTx stakeholder meetings: Sharing SHIFT’s work allows us to continue it between annual events, broaden the coalition of stakeholders and bring value to both the Emerging Leaders and the communities where they live. To this end, we have developed a “SHIFTx” stakeholder discussion format that the Emerging Leaders can apply to relevant issues in their communities
  • Storytelling: Grant proposals for storytelling via commonly supported narrative frameworks (video, photo, blogging, social media, podcasting, etc.)
  • Public Engagement: Grant proposals that address relevant local issues by engaging the communities of ELP alumni

Because of the terms of the grant, projects that support political campaigns, voter registration drives and lobbying activity to support legislation are not eligible for funding.

Applications are due by March 16, 2018. Grantees will be announced on April 16, 2018. Projects must be completed by October 1, 2018.


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