The Center for Jackson Hole Announces Name Change to SHIFT

On June 25, 2020, The Center for Jackson Hole, the 501c3 that was formed to run The SHIFT Summit, The Emerging Leaders Program and related initiatives, officially changed its name to SHIFT.

The name change was made possible by a January 2020 decision by The Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board (“TTB”) to transfer the brand rights for the name SHIFT, which it owned, to The Center for Jackson Hole.

Final paperwork was submitted to the Wyoming Secretary of State in the spring. Approval of the name change was granted by the Wyoming Secretary of State in June.

The TTB had owned SHIFT since it was created in 2013. Early that year, the TTB had commissioned a conservation-themed event to help improve visitation to the Jackson Hole area in October, traditionally a slow period.

In May 2013, the TTB hired The Venture Collective, a company run by Christian Beckwith, to create the event, which he proposed naming SHIFT.

In 2015, Beckwith established a non-for-profit 501c3 organization, The Center for Jackson Hole, to execute SHIFT and offer tax-deductibility to its supporters.

Under The Center’s jurisdiction, The SHIFT Festival explored topics such as the outdoor recreation / conservation partnership (2015); the relationship between outdoor recreation and public lands (2016); the business case for public lands (2017); the connection between public lands and public health (2018); and the business case for “nature as medicine” (2019).

In December 2019, The Center for Jackson Hole voted to refocus its mission on the advancement and promotion of nature as a social determinant of health. 

The generous transfer of the brand rights for SHIFT by the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board allows us to continue to develop an irrefutable case for the health benefits of nature—and in so doing, to create the strongest argument we can make for nature itself.

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