Meet the SHIFT Team

Our Core Values

Making Differences Our Strength

  • At the core of our vision is the belief that bringing together leaders from various sectors, cultures and lived experiences to discuss the most challenging problems facing our public health and our natural world’s survival makes us stronger, smarter and more resilient.

Sharing the Gift of Mutual Respect

  • Personal investments in one another are our foundation, and our opportunity. When we invest in trust and respect, we grow individually and as a community. This allows us to build upon our shared experiences at SHIFT and ELP with new allies and partnerships.

Advocating For Our Planet and Its Inhabitants

  • We are part of the natural world. We learn from it and about it, and are partners in its future.

Embracing Personal Challenge

  • Building a diverse coalition is difficult and complicated. We enter this work with the expectation that deeply held beliefs may be challenged—and that changing our perspectives and our minds to develop new ways of thinking may be critical to our shared success.

Leading with Relationship

  • SHIFT and ELP are built to foster and create personal relationships. The resulting alliances make our work fun and sustainable and enhance our ability to protect our natural world.

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