WILDCOAST, Youth Engagement Programs

Cory Pukini, Conservation Coordinator, WILDCOAST

WILDCOAST, Youth Engagement Programs

Presenter: Cory Pukini, Conservation Coordinator, WILDCOAST

Synopsis: WILDCOAST’s Youth Engagement Programs utilize Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in San Diego County to drive engagement with and education about coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife. Students from underserved, park-poor and indigenous communities are engaged in MPA conservation efforts through hands-on, learner-based field activities that include kayaking, surfing, swimming and boating.

To date in 2017, WILDCOAST has successfully engaged more than 5,000 students from across San Diego County in MPA education and stewardship activities. Through pre- and post-course surveys, WILDCOAST has determined that more than 90% of students that complete their programs develop inclinations for stewardship for coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife not previously experienced.

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