Workshops to Feature Country’s Leading Experts

Two workshops at this year’s SHIFT will create unprecedented opportunities for networking, strategic planning and learning with some of the leading experts in the country as we develop road maps for launching state offices of outdoor recreation and outdoor business alliances.

Offices of outdoor recreation offer states the opportunity to diversify their economies, improve citizen health and protect our lands, waters and wildlife, all at the same time. In the past year alone, five states have announced the creation of offices of outdoor recreation, bringing the country’s total to eight, with more in the wings.

On November 1, from 8 a.m. — 12 p.m. at the Snow King Resort, SHIFT’s second annual State Offices of Outdoor Recreation Workshop will feature America’s highest concentration of subject-matter experts—past, present and future state office directors, as well as the principles behind the drive in states from around the country—as we develop a toolkit for the creation of state offices of outdoor recreation.

Last year, North Carolina participants credited the workshop with taking a year and a half off the process of launching their office. Rather than focusing on existing state offices in Colorado, Utah and Washington, as we have the past two years, this year’s workshop will feature representatives from state offices that are now coming online.

Panelists include principals behind the drive for offices in Oregon, North Carolina, Vermont and Wyoming, as well as Rachel VandeVoort, the country’s newest, and first female, Director of an Office of Outdoor Recreation, from Montana.

Domenic Bravo (Administrator, Wyoming Parks, Historic Sites and Trails Division), Noah Wilson (Executive Director, Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina), Adam Baylor, Stewardship and Advocacy Manager, Mazamas) and Michael Snyder (Commissioner, Vermont Forests, Parks and Recreation) will be joined by Brad Petersen, America’s first Director, and Janette Heung, Colorado’s Deputy Director (the first such deputy director in the country) in a panel discussion about the lessons learned from their efforts to create offices. The panel discussion, which will be moderated by Cailin O’Brien-Feeney (State and Local Policy Manager, Outdoor Industry Association) will be followed by a “Campaign Workshop” in which participants work in teams to develop actionable plans for office creation in their respective regions.

On Friday, November 3, from 1 – 5 p.m., The Business Alliances Workshop will take place November 3, from 1-5 PM at the Snow King Resort Hotel.

Business alliances around the country are successfully harnessing industry voices to advance public land issues. Such alliances offer a powerful tool that is greatly underleveraged in contemporary conservation: coalitions of business interests that advocate on behalf of public lands.

At the Business Alliances workshop, representatives from successful business alliances from Oregon, North Carolina, Colorado, Idaho and Montana will we explore how such alliances are formed, the challenges they address and how they can apply their stakeholder coalitions for collective impact.

A panel discussion will be followed by a “Campaign Workshop” in which participants work in teams to develop toolkits for the creation of business alliances in their respective region.

The panel, moderated by Ray Rasker, Executive Director, Headwaters Economics, includes Lana Weber, Executive Board Member, Idaho Outdoor Business Council; Sarah Shrader, President, Outdoor Recreation Coalition of the Grand Valley; Owner and Co-Founder, Bonsai Design; Gabe Kiritz, Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance (2017 SHIFT Award Official Selection); Noah Wilson, Executive Director, Outdoor Gear Builders of North Carolina; and Van Schoessler, President, Oregon Outdoor Alliance.

For tickets to the State Offices of Outdoor Recreation workshop, which are $60 and include breakfast, click here.

For tickets to the Business Alliances Workshop, which are $50, click here.

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