SHIFT – Shaping How we Invest For Tomorrow – is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 dedicated to the advancement of the connection to nature as a preventive determinant of health. SHIFT staff and colleagues believe that the health benefits of nature represent the strongest argument we can make for nature itself.
By highlighting public health as part of an ecosystem service, and by investing in access and outcomes that are both equitable and inclusive, SHIFT seeks to advance a cost-effective aspect of comprehensive health care, while raising the value proposition of nature in society at large. By uniting natural allies across sectors, SHIFT promotes broader mainstream adoption of the health benefits of nature, contributing to the trans-disciplinary advancement of public and planetary health in a time of unprecedented threat to both.

In February 2021 the SHIFT Board of Directors decided to transition to be under the organizational and fiscal umbrella of GP RED (  GP RED is a national non-profit that provides research, education, and development for health, recreation, land management, and related organizations.

GP RED focuses on Connecting, Convening, and Collaborating. GP RED is committed to maintaining the vision and the legacy of SHIFT, including holding the SHIFT Summit in the Fall in Jackson Hole, WY, and continuing and expanding the Emerging Leaders Program, along with other #AccessNature related initiatives. Your support and collaboration is welcome!  Please donate, volunteer, and offer to get involved.

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