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Welcome to the LEGACY website for SHIFT.

In early 2021, the SHIFT Board of Directors transitioned the organization to be under the organizational and fiscal umbrella of GP RED (gpred.org). For the most current information about the SHIFT Summit, SHIFT Awards, and the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), please go to gpred.org/shift.


The SHIFT Summit is an annual event which focuses on advancing equitable access to preventive health through nature and the outdoors. The health benefits of nature are now well documented. This Annual Summit brings together researchers, funders, educators, retailers, and conservationists, along with outdoor recreation, health, military, and nature therapy professionals who share experiences, evidence, and ideas for better linking of both humans and nature. The Summit is based on sound science combined with experiential, health, stewardship, and land management aspects to balance equitable reciprocity and access to the places, flora, and fauna that we all need to exist and thrive. SHIFT Awards are presented to organizations and individuals who are excelling in our collective work. 

Held annually since 2015, SHIFT was historically held in Jackson, WY until 2021 when it was held in Grand Junction, CO. Now under new organizational support by GP RED, the Summit will move around the country where we hope to elicit strong local host involvement. The Summit includes a variety of research, practice, and topical discussions, along with experiential aspects such as nature and forest therapy practices, and plenty of opportunities for active outdoor recreation so we can deepen our connections.  

Visit the Shift Summit pages on GP RED’s website for all relevant information.

In addition, the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) will be held the three days prior to the Summit. The Emerging Leaders Program trains early career leaders to help develop our work at SHIFT and throughout the world. Our vision is to build a diverse coalition of advocates and professionals who can champion the health benefits of nature and promote a more sustainable future for the planet. Click here to find out more about ELP.

GP RED is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides research, education, and development for health, recreation, land management, and related organizations.

Founded in 2008, GP RED focuses on Connecting, Convening, and Collaborating. GP RED is committed to maintaining the vision and the legacy of SHIFT, including holding the SHIFT Summit, and continuing and expanding the Emerging Leaders Program, along with other #AccessNature related initiatives. Your support and collaboration is welcome! Please donate, volunteer, and offer to get involved.

 Interested volunteers, partners, sponsors, or exhibitors can contact Amanda Walker at AmandaW@gpred.org.

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